1Pondo 031111_047 AV Changed I Like Rui Chan More Than Three Meals Speaking

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When I met Rui-chan, my view of AV changed. I like Rui-chan more than three meals. Speaking of Yazawa, you’re more Rui-chan than Acha. I love Rui Yazawa. A special video to give to you who never stops! A dream jewel box packed with all the original works of Rui Yazawa, such as Sujikko Club, CLUB ONE and Tokimeki! Its name is RUI the BEST. This time, in order to spread the charm of Rui-chan widely! First straight road ever! We will also make it available to non-members for free (streaming only)! !! Please enjoy it together with Rui Yazawa’s retired work Naked CV that will be delivered at the same time!   「るいちゃんに出会って僕のAV観は変わりました。」「三度の飯よりるいちゃんが好き。」「『矢沢』と言えばエーちゃ○よりもるいちゃんでしょ。」そんな矢沢るいを愛して止まない貴方へ贈るスペシャル動画!「スジッ娘倶楽部」「CLUB ONE」「ときめき」など、矢沢るいの全オリジナル作品をギュギュッと詰め込んだ、まさに夢の宝石箱!その名も「RUI the BEST」。今回はるいちゃんの魅力を広く知ってもらうために、なんと!一本道史上初!非会員の方へも無料公開(ストリーミングのみ)しちゃいますっ!!同時配信の矢沢るい引退作品「裸の履歴書」と併せてお楽しみください! Free HD on JavFinder

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