Month: January 2017

Roman Military Disasters by Paul Chrystal-P2P

There is a tendency when dealing with world superpowers to focus on their successes. After all, these are what made them superpowers in the first place. However, reverses and disasters suffered on the way to preeminence are equally significant. The experience of ancient Rome is no different. This book is the first to examine the

Encyclopedia of the United Kingdom by Erika M. Ruiz-P2P

This encyclopedia presents important research on the United Kingdom. Some of the topics discussed herein include the United Kingdom’s relations with the United States; human trafficking; the modern slavery bill; homelessness in England; environmental issues; the history of the parliamentary franchise; and voting. Encyclopedia of the United Kingdom by Erika M. Ruiz-P2P English | 2015

The Land of the Pharaohs by Leonard Cottrell-P2P

More than 3,000 years ago, a young man of seventeen named Tutankhamen became pharaoh of Egypt. His reign came toward the end of a vital period in Egypt’s history when Thebes was the wealthiest and most splendid city in the world. Great temples soared into the sky, and in the temple workshops, hundreds of craftsmen

Smoke Sky by Amy Braun-P2P

To survive in a horrific world overseen by bloodthirsty monsters, young thief Gemma will do whatever she must to see another day. Even though that means working for a damaged man convinced to make her a permanent member of this thuggish family. So when her employer tells her that he’ll release her from his clutches,

Digital Signal Processing with Python Programming by Maurice Charbit-P2P

The parameter estimation and hypothesis testing are the basic tools in statistical inference. These techniques occur in many applications of data processing., and methods of Monte Carlo have become an essential tool to assess performance. For pedagogical purposes the book includes several computational problems and exercices. To prevent students from getting stuck on exercises, detailed

What’s In the Bible?: A Tour of Scripture from the Dust of Creation to the Glory of Revelation by R.C. Sproul, Robert Wolgemuth-P2P

Explore the most monumental story ever recorded, a story filled with intrigue, drama, and real-life accounts of God at work in the universe. Highly respected theologian R.C. Sproul and best-selling author Robert Wolgemuth have collaborated to highlight the essence of God’s voice, activity, and purpose throughout the Old and New Testaments in an understandable and

Feasts and Fasts by Colleen Taylor Sen -P2P

The second most populous country in the world after China and the seventh largest in area, India is unique among nations in its diversity of climates, languages, religions, tribes, customs and, of course, cuisines. Yet what is it that makes Indian food so recognizably Indian, and how did it get that way? India is at

The Tasha Tudor Cookbook by Tasha Tudor-P2P

Tasha Tudor, beloved children’s book author and illustrator, has at last written her long-awaited cookbook. In words and the enchanting watercolors for which she is renowned, she shares the recipes she has gathered over a lifetime – some that have been passed down for generations and some that she created specially for her children and

Insane Clown President by Matt Taibbi-P2P

Dispatches from the 2016 election that provide an eerily prescient take on our democracy s uncertain future, by the country s most perceptive and fearless political journalist. The 2016 presidential contest as told by Matt Taibbi, from its tragicomic beginnings to its apocalyptic conclusion, is in fact the story of Western civilization s very own

Value in the Valley by Iyanla Vanzant-P2P

Is it the job you hate but need in order to pay the rent? Is it that relationship that you gave your all to only to end up with a broken heart…again? Perhaps it’s your children, a family member, or a life-long friend doing you in, dragging you down, pushing you to the brink. If